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Brrrrr! Tips to keep your skin hydrated this winter!

by Kendra Ruebsam |

Here comes the snow! And with that, usually, dry tight skin. So of course, your summer skincare routine just won’t cut it. It’s clear your skin needs more hydration in the winter months, but the reason why isn’t always obvious. To truly help your skin thrive and chose the best routine for you, you need to understand your skin. Luckily we’re here to help!

So yes, a change in your skincare routine is one of the many steps you can take to minimize your skin’s discomfort during the colder, drier months, but let’s get to the bottom of why your skin is acting out in the first place.

Dry or Dehydrated Skin - what do I have??

Dry means your skin is lacking in oil production. Dehydrated means your skin is lacking in water content

We know how tough it can be to decipher what your skin is trying to tell you every day. Like determining whether your skin is either dry or dehydrated or both. And the colder season presents a whole new set of challenges. The often extreme temperature change from indoor to outdoor and overall lowered humidity levels can cause some confusion for your skin.

So let's break down what happens to your skin during the colder seasons even more, shall we?

Less oil

Regardless of whether you have oily or dry skin, the skin’s oil glands are programmed to produce less oil when they’re exposed to colder temperatures. And when our skin produces less oil, which acts as its natural moisturizer, water escapes more easily from our skin and leads to further dehydration and dryness.

Lower humidity levels

We all love that feeling of walking into a toasty, heated room after being out in the cold, but this is an absolute nightmare for our skin’s hydration levels. Indoor heaters pretty much zap any moisture in the air and the lower humidity levels also allow water to escape from our skin (aka increased TEWL) and further dehydrate our skin.

Skin Dehydration -> More Oil Production -> Less Water Retention

And so begins the vicious cycle— (1) the cold weather conditions make your skin dehydrated (2) if left untreated (unmoisturized) your oil glands produce more oil, (3) more oil production means your skin is less focused on retaining its water content, and (4) repeat throughout the entire, frigid season. This cycle leaves our skin looking more cracked and feeling tighter.

So now that we know what our skin is going through, the next big question is what do we do to prevent this from happening?

5 Tips to Prevent Dry and Dehydrated Skin

  1. Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized
    The key here is to not only hydrate your skin but to also seal that hydration in. It’s inevitable that the drier seasons will cause more water to escape from your skin, but you can help your dehydrated skin out by applying hydrating products with a potent occlusive that make it more difficult for the water to escape in the first place.

  2. Face oils
    To compensate for your skin’s lowered amount of oil production, an oil-based skincare product can help to add and seal hydration in your skin and further prevent the vicious cycle of dryness and dehydration.

  3. Use a humidifier
    Using an indoor humidifier increases the moisture level in your room, which helps your skin retain its hydration and any extra you’ve been feeding it through your skincare products. Higher humidity level = less water escaping from our skin.

  4. Avoid long hot showers
    Who doesn’t like a hot steamy shower after a long day? But the high temperature of your hot shower will suck out your skin’s internal moisture. You may walk out of that shower feeling ironically more parched.

  5. Apply sunscreen
    No matter what the season is, what it looks like outside, you should apply sunscreen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sun damage due to UV ray exposure is the number one cause of accelerated ageing. Just because it’s not hot outside doesn’t mean the sun effects are any different.!

Let us know what your tips and tricks are to keep your skin feeling hydrated and moisturized during the colder months!