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by Kendra Ruebsam •

tips and tricks

Easy Gym Skincare Routine for Clear Skin

2020 is here! And like most people, we’re setting our intentions and resolutions for a new year. The annual “get into shape” New Year’s resolution is something we commit to - or at least we try.  Let’s take care of our bodies and skin at the same time. So before you go to break a sweat, get your skincare in order so you don’t break out!  Pre-Gym Skincare Remove ANY makeup BEFORE working out. Why do I need to take off my makeup? Do you really want to let your sweat and oils mix in with your makeup to create the perfect spawning ground for bacteria and clogged pores to develop? We didn’t think so.  Light Moisturizer Dehydrated skin = unhappy skin. Dehydrated skin can also lead to an increase in dead skin cell build-up that can clog your pores. After cleansing use a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer that will help your skin retain the much-needed hydration.  MIST MIST MIST  Make tight skin feel more comfortable by generously applying mist to your face before your workout.  APPLY SPF Working out is how you maintain your body’s health, applying SPF is how you maintain your skin’s health. Enough said. Sunscreen is a NON-NEGOTIABLE.   Post-Gym Skincare TONER TIME After your workout, there’s no time to waste. Immediately applying toner will gently wipe away the excess sebum, sweat and grime. Your skin will instantly feel refreshed and clean. If you don’t want to carry your bottle of toner in your gym bag, pre-soak some cotton pads with toner and store them in a ziplock bag.  We’re not a huge fan of cleansing wipes. You’re basically applying soap to your face and leaving it on. Yuck! If you’re going to use a cleansing wipe, rinse your face with water to remove the residue.  GENTLE CLEANSE  Once you’re home, use your favourite mild cleanser to wash the gunk off your skin. Your skin will thank you. We recommend using an oil cleanser in this step. HYDRATING BOOST Try our SLIME HYDRATING CLEANSER 1-2 times a week in the shower. Yes, IN THE SHOWER. Using SLIME in the shower can work wonders for your skin. When used in the shower, the already hydrating SLIME cleanser attracts the steam to your skin. This helps to prevent transepidermal water loss, AKA your skin losing its precious hydration. The in-shower SLIME will help your skin to retain all of this hydration that it would lose otherwise. SEAL IN HYDRATION + MOISTURE Your skin has sweated out a lot of salt and water after your workout, so replenish the lost hydration with some, you guessed it, HYDRATING products! Try using a hydrating serum, then lock all the good stuff in for the rest of the day with your favourite moisturizer. BODY CARE: Exfoliate + Moisturize Why is it that we neglect the skin of the rest of our body? It may be tougher than the skin on our face, but it still deserves some TLC too. Using our So Smooth Exfoliating Body Scrub after your workout gently exfoliates your skin and makes your body feel oh so smooth! Finish off the body routine with a non-sticky moisturizer SPF Need we say more about SPF? If you’re going about the rest of your day after your workout, protect your skin because we aren’t kidding– UVA and UVB rays will show your skin no mercy. Now, you’re ready to work towards those fitness goals while achieving your skincare goals too.